Leveraging AI in 2024

The Future of Recruitment

13th February | 10 AM AEST

The Impact of AI

Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

  • Understanding AI and the current ecosystem (including terminology and technologies)

  • Creating a recruitment culture that will embrace AI

  • Balance AI and humans - avoiding over-engineering

Is This Webinar for You?

  • You want to create an AI-forward culture

  • You want to leverage AI for business growth

  • You want to learn about the basics of AI technology

  • You want to grow your team, but don’t have the budget

  • You want to know where AI ‘fits’ in your business


What you will learn on this
live online training

Where recruitment ‘fits’ into the AI ecosystem

Where the industry is currently at and how you can lead the market by learning lessons from the social media boom.

How to Scale Using AI and VAs

It's the typical Business Owner mindset - do everything until you can afford for someone else to do it. But we don't actually outsource it, ever! In this exercise, we will break down, what are your low and high value tasks, and where to draw the line, in what generates business, and what should be delegated / leveraged / improved.

How Automation Can Work for You

…without losing the human touch. It’s a fine line.